Steinway & Sons

Steinway Hall
Manhattan, NY

Steinway Hall: Center of the Piano Universe The legacy of New York City’s Steinway Hall is long and storied. For a century and a half, the floors of Steinway Hall—which has lived in three distinct locations throughout its existence—have rung with the footsteps of some of the greatest names in piano history. They’ve also welcomed countless lesser-known artists, students, composers, teachers, parents, children, critics, researchers, technicians, and tourists. Less a physical place than a legendary essence, Steinway Hall is a mecca for anyone who loves music. It is named by pianists as the “center of the piano universe.”   Read more »

Visit Steinway Hall's dedicated website at:

1133 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY  10036
(212) 246-1100

Store hours:
Mon - Fri:  9AM – 6PM
Sat:  9AM – 5PM
Sun:  By appointment
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